Karfan er tóm

    Skandinavisk gjafasett - HIBERNATE

    HIBERNATE gjafasett frá Skandinavisk, 3 lítil ilmkerti í gjafapakkningu. 


    3 x 65 g. 

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    Hibernate with us in the forest, in the home, and in cosy bliss with this new giftset containing 3 mini scented candles of Swedish rapeseed wax and FSC-certified beechwood lids. The new, improved FSC-certified box is designed to be reused after the candles have been removed.

    SKOG [’skuːg] Swedish/Norwegian for ‘forest’.
    Scent notes: 
    Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and woodland lily of the valley.

    HYGGE [’hygə] Danish for ‘cosiness’.
    Scent notes: 
    Black tea and mint leaves, dried apples and a dusting of baked cinnamon.

    KOTO [koto] Old Finnish for ‘home’.
    Scent notes: Vanilla beans and dried orange peel, Baltic amber and vintage leather furniture.