Vatnsflaska fyrir börn

2.750 kr

24 Bottles flöskurnar eru umhverfisvænar, endingargóðar og margnota flöskur úr ryðfríu stáli (18/8 stainless steel). Þær eru án BPB og mega fara í uppþvottavél. Flöskurnar henta vel undir kalda drykki og eru tilvaldar í ferðalagið og í bílinn.

250 ml.
hæð 13,7 cm

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Best Friends is a cheerful invitation to embrace a sustainable lifestyle from an early age, to safeguard our Planet.

The Glossy Finish enhances the pattern’s hues and pigments, reflecting light and adding an elegant touch.

The Kids Bottle with straw is ultra-lightweight and perfect to be easily held in the hands of the little ones, to drink water easily and on their own at home, school or the playground. The cap with integrated open-close straw is 100% leakproof and allows you to drink comfortably even with one hand.

• Non insulated (use it with Thermal Cover for hot/cold drinks)
• 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
• 100% BPA free, phthalates free, toxins free
• Leakproof lid, one twist to open
• Does not retain nor impart any flavour
• Mouth width 3.3 cm: comfortable drinking and ice filling
• Suitable for any kind of drinks
• Glossy Finish: polished & shiny